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We work hard, learn lots and have fun!


In this interview season of 2018 our Pre-Health employees have so far had interviews at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University (MD & PA,) Mercer University (MD & PA,) South University (PA,) University of Alabama Birmingham (MD,) Central Michigan University (MD,) along with several DO physician programs. Each interviewee has been accepted to at least one MD or PA school and we are extremely proud of them!!! Two will be starting in January 2019 and three will be starting next summer at their respective programs!


Dr. Miles was given some key opportunities while in college that gave wonderful medical experiences and helped gain entrance into medical school and further shape his medical career. He enjoys teaching and takes pride in helping assist others who similarly are trying to pursue careers in medicine.


A few years ago we started hiring Pre-Health candidates, including Pre-Med and Pre-PA, to work vital roles in the office. We are frequently approached by Pre-Health students to volunteer for us.  Instead, we offer actual employment opportunities.


Hiring Pre-Health students has allowed us to staff our office with smart, motivated, and caring individuals who help deliver the necessary care to our patients in a compassionate way. It also allows us to help these individual employees gain the experience they need to properly apply to Medical School and Physician Assistant School.


We get outstanding workers while the Pre-Health candidates get medical experiences and hours needed for a robust application. Dr. Miles and the other clinicians of the office give valuable insight into the application process. We hold as many mock interviews as needed to prepare for actual interviews, while giving feedback on body language, your approach to questions and delivery of your best answers. They also assist with personal statements, and provide valuable medical learning opportunities. Dedicated, hard-working employees always get a letter of recommendation that they deserve.


We also promote and assist in "Special Projects" to further assist in resume building. These optional projects have included starting our own healthcare show - Health Files With Dr. Miles, clinical research on cholesterol, and education videos for patients. Future projects may include just about anything of special interest within our office that improve patient care or satisfaction.


Dr. Miles enjoys teaching and has taught medical students, physician assistant students, and nurse practitioner students over the years for their family medicine rotations. Schools represented include Emory University, the Medical College of Georgia, Mercer University, South University, and others. 


Generally we hire graduates who are taking a gap year to bolster their applications for professional school. However, we do sometimes hire superb candidates for as short as 3 months. 


If you are a hard working, intelligent, friendly, and compassionate individual trying to bolster your application and gain acceptance into Medical School or Physician Assistant School, and you would like to apply for a position, send us your resume and cover letter to:

or bring your information by the office in person.


Call us for an Appointment:  770-251-2000


General Adult Medicine

Wellness physicals, illnesses, ongoing medical conditions, lab testing

Women's Health

Gynecologic care, birth control, Pap smears, pregnancy tests, Nexplanon insertion and removal

Pediatrics (age 5 and up)

Sick visits, well child visits, allergies and asthma

Adolescent Medicine

Routine preventive care, acne, menstrual disorders, sports physicals,  ADHD, developmental issues

Preventive Medicine

Wellness exams, health instruction, lab screenings, vaccines 

Minor Office Procedures

Cryosurgery/liquid nitrogen, skin biopsy, wart treatment, skin tag removal, laceration repair, IUD removal

Ultrasound Guided Injections  

Joint injections, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis

Laser Hair Removal

Triton Duo laser hair removal for all skin types and reduced treatment times

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