FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How long of wait will I have?

Our goal is for you to start your visit with the doctor promptly at your appointment time, or within just a few minutes. Serious medical issues may arise and prolong any given office visit, but we try to deal with those appropriately and seldom get more than 20 minutes behind for that next appointment. (note: new patient visits are longer because of paperwork.) If you are here for your appointment on time, you will not have to spend hours with us, like some offices in town expect.



What should I bring to my appointment?

New Primary Care patients should bring their completed New Patient Paperwork, Photo ID, Insurance Card, Medications, and payment or co-payment for the visit. Children should also bring their guardian/parent. All patients should always bring their current insurance card.



What happens if I am late for my appointment?

We have a duty to all of our patients to remain on schedule, so if you are late for your appointment we may have to get you to reschedule for a different time. As such, please be prompt and bring all of the necessary items for your visit. Please give us a call if you are going to miss your appointment or be late.



How do I prepare for my Physical Exam?

Just show up on time with your appropriate items listed previously. Adults should go 12 hours prior to their appointment without consuming anything but water and medicines so we can get accurate readings of your sugar and cholesterol. Please do not use any body oils or lotions in case we need to do an EKG, a special study on your heart. Women who are having Pap smears or pelvic exams should just bathe normally, and not use any vaginal products or have intercourse within 24 hours of their appointment.



How far in advance should I schedule my appointment?

We keep same-day appointments open but there are a limited number of them. For a “sick visit” call the office staff as early in the work-day as possible to schedule. For less urgent needs, try to schedule several days or weeks in advance.



How do I know if I should see a specialist?

Sometimes it is obvious – if you break your wrist and require surgery, then you will need to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. But in most cases it is not so clear (unless your insurance requires that you see a primary care doctor first.) Family Doctors have a broad range of training and experience, as well as their own special interests. Studies show over 90% of patients’ conditions can be handled well by a primary care physician. You want a doctor who is comfortable treating a wide variety of conditions, but who knows his limitations and can send you to get specialty care if you need it.



Should I see a Gynecologist or a Family Doctor?

This is a personal decision. A large percentage of our female patients use us for their gynecologic care as well as for their general medical needs. We try to make things convenient for our patients and provide as many services as possible in a private and relaxed atmosphere. Some of the more common things we address include preventive care like Pap smears and breast exams, HPV testing, birth control, vaginal infections, menstrual irregularities, sexually transmitted diseases, PCOS, pelvic skin infections, Nexplanon insertion and removal, and IUD removal. We don’t provide advanced surgery or deliver babies, and save that for the OB/GYNs.



Should my child see a Pediatrician or Family Doctor?

Both types of doctors are well trained to see and treat children. We see children every day in our office, and we enjoy treating them. The experiences of the doctor are more important than the doctor’s specialty. You and your child should be comfortable with the doctor. Our doctor has a lot of experience with children, particularly older children. Because of this we start seeing children at age 5 years. We encourage children younger than 5 years to see the Pediatricians.



Do you use any Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners?

Yes, we do. They and Dr. Miles work closely together treating patients as a team. You will still have the opportunity to choose the doctor for your appointment and will not be "passed off” to someone else. 



I have an infection and need an antibiotic, why can’t you just call me in a prescription?

In order to treat a medical condition with prescription medicines we must first diagnose the problem and make sure we manage it appropriately in compliance with medical standard of care. Even though many patients do know when they have a recurrent medical problem, healthcare providers are still held responsible when those patients are wrong. We routinely have patients misdiagnose themselves with urinary tract infections, sinus infections, yeast infections, bronchitis, flu, skin ailments, and other seemingly simple problems. Please make an appointment if you have a problem. 



Why do I need to come in every 3 months for my diabetes?

Doctors must see patients periodically to manage their medical problems and insure they are adequately controlled. We use medicines to help with blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, asthma, and many other problems. Some of these medicines have side effects and need to be followed with blood tests or other studies. Among other reasons, the State Medical Board requires that we actively monitor your treatment of ongoing conditions. Our time and your time are valuable, and we will not have you come in for a follow up appointment if we don’t think it is medically necessary.



What happens if I miss my appointment?

Our time is valuable, just like yours. We give our patients a considerable allotment of time for a visit. If you are not able to keep your appointment time please call us and speak to our office staff to cancel or reschedule. We require at least one business day's notice to change your appointment. A No-Show Fee of $40 will be charged if you do not give us adequate notice. We will not be able to refill medications if you miss your appointment and it may be weeks before we can reschedule a missed appointment. Please understand we turn away new patients daily to be able to maintain a convenient schedule for our established patients. Occasionally, due to finances and compliance issues, we have to dismiss patients from the practice for repeated missed appointments.



How and when should I pay for my services provided?

Payment is due at the time of service and will be collected before you are seen by the doctor or assistant. We accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards in the office but not checks. If you have health insurance with a deductible for office visits and your deductible has not been met then we will need to collect your payment prior to submitting the claim to your insurance. Any overpayment will be refunded back to you. If you have a health insurance plan with a copay, then your copay will be collected and the claim will be then processed by your insurance. All balances are your responsibility and must be payed upon receipt of your statement from us. We send out statements monthly and finance charges will apply if unpaid. If you have questions or need to make special arrangements please call and ask for our insurance and accounts manager.

Call us for an Appointment:  770-251-2000


General Adult Medicine

Wellness physicals, illnesses, ongoing medical conditions, lab testing

Women's Health

Gynecologic care, birth control, Pap smears, Nexplanon, Vaginal Rejuvenation for urinary inconttinence and other issues

Pediatrics (age 5 and up)

Sick visits, well child visits, allergies and asthma

Adolescent Medicine

Routine preventive care, acne, menstrual disorders, sports physicals,  ADHD, developmental issues

Preventive Medicine

Wellness exams, health instruction, lab screenings, vaccines 

Minor Office Procedures

Cryosurgery/liquid nitrogen, skin biopsy, wart treatment, skin tag removal, laceration repair, IUD removal

Ultrasound Guided Injections  

Joint injections, arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis

Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetics

Triton Duo laser hair removal for all skin types and reduced treatment times

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